country club Jesus

So today was the first Sunday that the restaurant I work at was open. I have worked in other places on Sundays so I was ready for "whatever". You hear all the time the church folks are the worst tippers. But my tiff is not with the tips.(but the tips did suck) What bothered me the most today was the well dressed church folks walking in a restaurant and treating people like second class citizens. Are you freaking kidding me. Do they not know who they just came from worshipping. Do they realize that not once did Jesus ever put on a suit, and do they know Jesus never had a membership in any country club. It's sad to hear what others see of Jesus when the church goes out to eat. I work with these people I love these people. It's funny by some standards I am not good enough, my job is not good enough. I wonder if Jesus before the cross would have been good enough. I love all Gods people I just think we've got to be carful how we represent his good name. If you are going to leave a server a trac telling them they are on a road to hell, but YOU know the way out, then at least leave a good tip in the trac, better yet just leave the good tip and say a prayer and let God work. Maybe you are not the answer maybe you are just the blessing God can use.
Luke 33:39 is what I wanted to say to today. And Matthew 23:13 Heck yeah.