Ten reason why

Hard to believe my Boy is now 10. So to honor that here are
Ten reasons why I love ETHAN
10. He would rather give than receive
9. He is the best big brother. He makes
sure Elissa wins as much as he does
8. He has a level of compassion that
amazes me.
7. He respects his parents, even when
he disagrees.
6. He plays with my hair, and likes to
snuggle, as long as I don't
call attention to it.
5. He plays with others very well. He
will almost always give his friends
their way, without being a push over
4. He is willing to work hard, and try
his very best.
3. He plays video games like a pro
But even better he has learned to
play madden so that I would play with him
(madden is football)
2. He loves everyone without regards
of color or handicap, or any other
thing others my look at as differences
1. Because ten years ago he woke my heart up
He showed me a world that was
closer to God than anything I had
ever known. Ethan continues to be a constant
reminder of God's goodness.