I am still here

Well the semester is half way over. School is hard but good. Funniest thing is math is my best grade right now...I normally hate Math, but the teacher is so good at her job. Anatomy is kicking my gluteal.
On the home front ......Harry and I are finally there. After years of maybe's and never minds, we are both on the same page and we are looking for a place to live and he is looking for a job here, so we can be together. I am all "girl" about it and just totally smitten. It does make it hard to focus on school, so I think the quicker he can get here the better. It's funny how we have grown so much. I still have to work on the old communication skills and not let my mind make up the stories for me. But we are happy and I feel such peace in his arms, I feel like God is in control and he has gotten Harry and I to this place.

Anyway thats all for now!