It's what i think

I think Florida is hotter than ever

I think it's odd that it cost 100$ for a doctor to tell you whats wrong and then 8$ to fix it.

I think if you think Jon and Kate should quit their show, then you should quit watching it

I think if you emasculate (to deprive of strength) a man one day he will leave you.

I think people should not eat out if they can not afford to tip well.

I think it is sad how many people want our President to fail.

I think christian radio plays 8 songs over and over.

I think Mary on So you think you can dance is too loud.

I think if you have not walked in someones shoes your opinion of them should be seasoned with Grace.

I think the "fitting in" issue never goes away.

What do you think


Elissa and I went outside to put stuff in the shed and there is a stinkin black snake that lives in that area. It always manages to scare the (word of choice) out of me. This time the thing did not run away and Elissa was freaking out and so that forced me to be brave and stand my ground while she ran to the house. So I shut the shed door and finished working. I came out to make my run to the house, and there stood Ethan with his sword drawn. "Where is it mom" He asked. He seemed mad that the snake had scared his sister and he was ready to put an end the tyranny of our black snake. My little man so brave.
The rest of these pictures are from an awesome place we found. All the inflatables in a 10,000 square foot building. Talk about a way to get your kids worn out. I love summer time adventures.


Today at church we talked about David. They had been studying David for a few weeks and today happened to be the part in the story where Bathsheba came into it. As we were reading about about the sin and and extreme ways David went to cover it up. It arises the question how can a man who slept with a married woman, got her pregnant and even had her husband killed to cover his own butt, how can he be the man after Gods own heart. I personally love that David is that man. He is no where close to perfect on an outward account, but he is a great reminder that it is our heart that gets judged. And David's heart was one that never stopped longing to be closer to God. He was a man "after" Gods own heart. He was after it, he was in pursuit of it. In the psalms even when David could not feel Gods presence, even when he felt God had forsaken him, he kept crying out, he kept seeking. He was after God.
We all have that David moment....When the enemy has us on the rooftops and he shows us our own emptiness. Even in a full and blessed life the enemy shows us that we just need that one thing. For David it was a woman, for me or you it's a different thing, but it's the same story. What is your rooftop temptation. Jesus himself stood on the roof with the enemy, he tried to give a king his own kingdom, so that's a good indication that he'll never back off of tempting us. Let's all be after Gods heart, lets all seek him, even when we don't feel him lets pursue him.