free to be blessed

I was reading one of my favorite Blogs (Bring the rain) And while reading the comments I kept seeing some very negative comments from a reader who expressed a lot of anger at what appeared to her as financial Blessings that Angie has received.
That very issue has been on my mind a lot. I have heard countless times of others saying they are jealous over what this one has or that one has. Jealous over their house, or their car, or their vacation or his job. So what are we really saying in allowing that jealousy to fester. We would never come out and say "I wish God would not bless you" BUT that is exactly what jealousy says. We are such a "what about me people" that we have allowed satan to captivate us by what others have and we allow him to make us feel less than because they got it, not us. Often the ones who are conventing the blessings of others are blind to their own blessings.
With the economy in the position it is in, there is a real battle for us not to turn inwards, not to feel sorry for ourselves, not to forget to bless others. And the battle we dont often see is the battle to let others be free to be blessed. To be happy for his promotion, even when your job sucks. To be happy for her wedding even when your marriage is falling apart. To rejoice that they are having a baby even when you have tried so long to be a mom. To be excited for her trip even when can never get away. To be happy they are debt free even when you are drowing.
The worst people to be around are the ones who try to make you feel guilty for the good things God has given you.

He's there

When you feel the world pushing you down, everything tells you to quit. Look up, he's there. You have the creator of the universe cheering you on.