It's a new day

Happy new year my peeps

I love how with a change in the year brings in such a new hope. We all get to the end and think awe, it's a new year I can start over, I can do better, I can be better.
But you know whats great with God every moment is a new moment. When you need to do better, or start over do it moment by moment. His mercies are new every morning.

With 2009 I hope each day I get out of the bed with a sense of new with god. Nothing will take me from his love, from his grip. I have however let many things take me from his peace.
I want to know him more tody, tomorrow and all year long.

christmas fun

The Barbie house was a huge success. it was a pain to build though, after getting it together then realizing the reason it was not working was because the middle section was upside down. So after building it twice, I can no longer feel my thumbs. Of course the flipping little elves get all the credit

Ethan's room quickly became a wrestling world! That little wresting ring has made video games a thing of the past (for now). Santa delivered to Ethan a Lego castle, and I am sure that darn Santa had no idea there was 1000 pieces to that thing. But since I had to wait for the feeling to return to my thumbs I got the credit for that one, (take that elves)

Oh and that's Hannah Montana dating Shane from camp rock and Taylor swift dating a very pretty Ken.

The world of pretend is alive this Christmas

(A fight just broke out, and it seems Hannah Montanna has pushed Taylor Swift down the stairs)

i forgot

I have been working overtime to make the holiday money. Stressing right along with everyone else over how I am going to buy my kids a good christmas. Actully I have dreaded the season a little.

Until today

See I forgot

I forgot that some are not worried about presents under the tree, but rather worried about food on the table.

I forgot that seventeen families in my area are on a homeless shelter waiting list.

I forgot how many of our senior citizens will be in nursing homes with no visitors on christmas day.

I forgot about the hospital full of patients too sick to be home for christmas.

I forgot about the ones who just watched their homes get taken by the bank

I forgot about the mom whose baby went to be with the Lord this year

I forgot about the husband whose spending his first christmas without his bride in over fifty years.

I forgot that God had a different idea of christams all along

He never intended his Boys birthday to stress us out. He never intended for us to build a debt to add to our material collection.

He never intended us to look more forward to what we can get black friday, then the gift he gave us.

So slow down, and do what you can and let go when you can do no more.

Find the spirit of Christmas and pass it along


judge this

I think I am a person who is as far from perfect as you can get, without being a criminal. But for whatever reason people still see me as a "good girl" . I know Gods grace is bigger than I can wrap my mind around, his grace not only covers the stuff between he and I, but also the stuff between me and my peeps. I never try to come off as better than anyone, i really do try to just be real. Lately something has been driving me crazy. Every time at my work, that someone cusses in front of my they apologize. It does not bother me that they cuss or that they apologize, but it bothers me that they feel the need to apologize TO ME.
I tend to think that they do it because they feel judged. Unfortunately the church has done a good job at making others feel that way. Portraying Christians as the world Judges. Whats the point of being there for someone if they do not feel like they can come to us as they are. I even heard one girl say when I clean up I may go to church with you. First of all I do not invite anyone to church, I think if that is going to be something they need in their life that door will open for them. (in fact I only go to church once in a while) I would rather hang out with them or help them with something they need. I wish we could start the image of Christianity over......You dont go to the hospital when you are well, or out to eat when you are full and you should not go to church only when your "cleaned up"
Jesus was a man who got out and got dirty and found the ones that everyone else cast aside. He loved and his only agenda was for them to be loved. For the lost to find hope, for the sick to be healed, for the broken hearted to find peace. He did not say clean up then come to me, or quit your cussing then come to me, he just said come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. I hope when we are praying for our lost loved ones and friends we will just pray that they let themselves, as messed up as they may be, they'll just be loved. You don't have to fit into anyones idea of what a christian should be. Being in church three times a week does not make you better than the man who has not been to a church in thirty years.
And just so you know I am not anti church but I am anti-four walls defining Christianity. The lost do not need another building and another doctrine, or another board of deacons, the lost need to know that they are loved, that they are wanted. That Jesus does not want a better you, he just wants you. Anywhoo....that's whats on my mind today