free to be blessed

I was reading one of my favorite Blogs (Bring the rain) And while reading the comments I kept seeing some very negative comments from a reader who expressed a lot of anger at what appeared to her as financial Blessings that Angie has received.
That very issue has been on my mind a lot. I have heard countless times of others saying they are jealous over what this one has or that one has. Jealous over their house, or their car, or their vacation or his job. So what are we really saying in allowing that jealousy to fester. We would never come out and say "I wish God would not bless you" BUT that is exactly what jealousy says. We are such a "what about me people" that we have allowed satan to captivate us by what others have and we allow him to make us feel less than because they got it, not us. Often the ones who are conventing the blessings of others are blind to their own blessings.
With the economy in the position it is in, there is a real battle for us not to turn inwards, not to feel sorry for ourselves, not to forget to bless others. And the battle we dont often see is the battle to let others be free to be blessed. To be happy for his promotion, even when your job sucks. To be happy for her wedding even when your marriage is falling apart. To rejoice that they are having a baby even when you have tried so long to be a mom. To be excited for her trip even when can never get away. To be happy they are debt free even when you are drowing.
The worst people to be around are the ones who try to make you feel guilty for the good things God has given you.


Angie Smith said...

thank you, friend.

i needed to feel defended tonight:)


The Light's, party of 4 said...

WOW!! When are you going to publish your book? Thanks for sharing. Keep it going, girl.

Jeanne said...

I remember Simon on American Idol saying something like..people are happy for others when they do well, they just don't want others doing better than themselves. Isn't that a shame, but all too often true? And I can't believe I'm refrencing Simon. :) Jealousy is such a tricky one and people so often feel justified for their feelings. But, it's still a tactic of the enemy and needs to be recognized and dealt with. It certainly doesn't need to be fed! We all need to continue to be others a positive way, not others minded in a why not me way. Love you

Deborah said...

great point for all of us to hear because we ALL have been on both sides. we all need to work constantly at being "others minded" like Jeanne said. It's WAY to easy to put yourself first.

Jill said...

Nails girl, you hit them every time, right on the nail. I was just asked this week by a very dear friend did I struggle with jealousy over other people having such family support...I can not say I have never, but I am one of the greatest examples of GOD bringing people in my life to be family to me...and like you do too, and that said, the lie of jealousy by the enemy to be is being returned with truth. I want to be content. Thanks!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

You have a way of pinpointing some of my greatest weaknesses! I hate to think that I covet, but the fact is that I do. Not necessarily material things, but less concrete blessings and that's just as bad.

This was a great post, and one that I needed to read!


Nana Net said...

Lori, you truly have a way of speaking. Honestly you should write a book my dear! Cause you speak the truth in volumes. Have a blessed day.


The Cannon Chronicles said...

Whoa girl, that is some good stuff! You can state things so clearly I am so impressed with how you word things. It's the truth - jealously can eat you alive. You just have to be happy with what ya got and know you are doing what God wants you to do.

Rachel said...

I thought I posted a few days ago, but I don't see it. What a sweet post in defense of a friend! Have a great weekend!

Rena Gunther said...

Amen, Sister!

I'm so glad I found your blog. I was reading the comments on Boo Mama tonight and yours cracked me up!

So here I am.

This is so true...the point you made! FREE to be blessed!

When we think about it, really, why would we not want someone to be blessed? I hope to always share in the joy of others.

My husband is going through a horrible, horrible time. As I watch him tick, tick, breaks my heart! That frustration that builds up and causes us to look at others and what they have and why they have it is a trap laid by the enemy.

Freedom. You said it! Thanks for the awesome post. I'll be back.

Rena Gunther

Lauren Kelly said...

Hey there! Just happened to come across your blog. I saw you were from Florida, and just curious, what part? I'm from Leesburg, FL. Hope you have a GREAT day. Love your blog!! :o)

Nana Net said...

Lori, I cam across this and thought it spoke volumes. So here ya go!

"Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth."

Colossians 3:2 (NAS)

Ang baylis said...

Thank you, Lori for this blog. It's easy to get caught up in jealousy. We are not victims, we are victorious when we have Him as our center. I've been blessed more than I deserve. There is a fine line between bragging and sharing excitement about what God blesses us with in our lives. I was fortunate to be able to go on a couple of vacations, yet felt guilty hoping it wasn't bragging when I posted some pictures. I pray I am keeping it in check. Thank you for defending our friend, Angie from Bring the Rain. She is an amazing girl! You are such a sweet friend!
Love you,
Angie xoxo