It's what i think

I think Florida is hotter than ever

I think it's odd that it cost 100$ for a doctor to tell you whats wrong and then 8$ to fix it.

I think if you think Jon and Kate should quit their show, then you should quit watching it

I think if you emasculate (to deprive of strength) a man one day he will leave you.

I think people should not eat out if they can not afford to tip well.

I think it is sad how many people want our President to fail.

I think christian radio plays 8 songs over and over.

I think Mary on So you think you can dance is too loud.

I think if you have not walked in someones shoes your opinion of them should be seasoned with Grace.

I think the "fitting in" issue never goes away.

What do you think


Denise said...

I think you're right on, girl. Especially with Mary from that dance show being too loud. I have to cover my ears.

The Cannon Chronicles said...

Boy, do I agree with those statements. Well put!

Christy said...

Totally agree with you girly...I think alot more than that...I may have to do one of those one day!

Jeanne said...

I think you've got it down pat. Jon & Kate....I'm with you, but I can't seem to keep myself away. So sad. Christian radio, the same songs, AMEN! But, I didn't know if they were still doing that. All I get to listen to is Aerial's soundtracks, Veggie Tales and Kathryn Scott right now.

Deborah said...

well i don't watch "so you think you can dance?" or Jon & i can't comment on those but i don't listen to christian radio much anymore for that very fact!