Ten reason why

Hard to believe my Boy is now 10. So to honor that here are
Ten reasons why I love ETHAN
10. He would rather give than receive
9. He is the best big brother. He makes
sure Elissa wins as much as he does
8. He has a level of compassion that
amazes me.
7. He respects his parents, even when
he disagrees.
6. He plays with my hair, and likes to
snuggle, as long as I don't
call attention to it.
5. He plays with others very well. He
will almost always give his friends
their way, without being a push over
4. He is willing to work hard, and try
his very best.
3. He plays video games like a pro
But even better he has learned to
play madden so that I would play with him
(madden is football)
2. He loves everyone without regards
of color or handicap, or any other
thing others my look at as differences
1. Because ten years ago he woke my heart up
He showed me a world that was
closer to God than anything I had
ever known. Ethan continues to be a constant
reminder of God's goodness.


The Cannon Chronicles said...

Oh how sweet! What a treasure your Ethan is!!! He is an awesome 10 year old!

The Light's, party of 4 said...

He is a treasure. Just in the few times I've experienced his kindness I've been truly moved by him. You've done a great job, Lori at being his mom. I became teary eyed a couple of times during Bible school week at how willing he was to get Trever to the sanctuary and then sharing his chair with Trever at Elijah's party. There aren't very many 10 year old boys who have time for a busy 5 year old boy. He's a keeper!! Okay sorry for the novel but it just all needed to be said.

Jill said...

My girls had an absolutely wonderful time...I have heard about Ethan more than once over the past days...he is a young man to be proud of, we feel special for the invite. My girls were mostly schocked that I "knew" the secret about his crush. HA!

Jeanne said...

So dadgum true! That Ethan is a treasure. Jenny and Jennifer said it. Stinkers got to it first :) Seriously, I always leave his company amazed at the spirit of God that is on and in that boy. I love him with my whole heart! He's going to continue to be something special ya know....

Deborah said...

that was so sweet!!! Ethan IS a very special boy and jordan's best friend. I hope their friendship continues as long as ours has. Keep up the good work momma!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday E E! Love that sweet boy!

Denise said...

Hope his birthday was wonderful. Looks like he had lots of at his party. That's sweet that he likes to play with your hair and snuggle. Parker plays with my hair too and I absolutely loves it. I hope he keeps doing it until he's 10 too!

Ang baylis said...

Oh my goodness! This list about made me cry! I can tell you notice every single detail about his personality and character. You are a great mom, and he is an amazing son! This was so so sweet! I'm glad you posted it!
Love you,
Angie xoxo

Leslie said...

Sounds like you are a great Mom. Ethan is going to be a great man...

Cyndi said...

Lori...first of all Happy Birthday to your Ethan! Behind every wonderful child, there is a wonderful Mother, doing all she can to train them up. I've never met your son, but it seems he is a precious kid. May he continue to grow in God's grace and Mom's loving care.