Suffering.... Thats the word on my mind today.
So much is going on right now, and so many people are hurting and just waiting for help. I think many times in suffering all you can do is wait, wait for help. Those folks who lost everything to a storm, they are waiting for help. Hati, all those suffering there are waiting for help. On the grand scale it is overwhelming, the pain that is apperant in just one thiry minute segemant of the news. Then we localize it, and our friend whose husband left her, or the freinds who are having a hard time paying the bills. Theirs a friend whose mom has cancer, someones child is sick, someone lost a job, someone is just depressed......suffering.......waiting.........
I think the most effective tactic satan has is turn our eyes to ourselves, and not look past our own issues to help others. This past week or so I have been so guilty of that. With gas prices going up and me having to work less hours, due to the kids needs, and this and that....I have just allowed my self to get in a box and just worry about me and just feel sorry for me. I tell you, watching a documenrty on poverity (real Poverity) broke that box into a million pieces. I was sitting there with my bottled water, watching the information on what clean drinking water would do for this villiage.
It still does not make times any less hard, there are still bills to be paid, but prospcetive it so gives. All of our problems are real for us, we just have to be careful not to allow our hardtimes to close our eyes to the hard times of others.
I really want to do all I can to be their for others. Sometimes all we can do is pray for them (which is huge) but sometimes we can meet the need, sometimes we are what they have been praying for. There is a lot of pain, and the work that can be done in their lives if we will just love them without an agenda, love them the way Jesus teaches us to love. It's not about how many pews we can fill in church, becuse the church can be at over capicity and no one feel loved. I think sometimes our goal in wittenising to to get them church... Let your life and your love get them to Jesus, he can do the rest.

Another thing on my mind, since I have not blogged in a while I might as well get it all out. Someone was having a heated political discussion. And yall I am so into this election for many reason. But they said something that really got me thinking about our belief in Gods power. They are die hard Republicans, the real deal here and their argument was why would anyone vote for someone who may turn out to be a Muslim (don't even go there). So while I am not saying who I will vote for I would ask them why not. If America elects an atheist, what does that mean.. Well do we want an atheist in charge, I would tell them if an atheist is president God is still in charge. Now believe me I understand the "value vote" and I want so many things to be different is our great country, my only point is God loves Obama and McCain the same, And he'll be the same God no matter who wins...And oh what a powerful God he is. The commander in chief has nothing on the creator of heaven and earth. And for some Christians taking the approaches they are taking is just hurting our reputation. If our only way to prove our point is to tare someone down then we missed the point entirely


Emmy said...

Hi Lori!
I know I am driving you crazy saying this... but I LOVE your heart! Thank you! You really are a beautiful writer!

Jeanne said...

I'm so glad you finally blogged! I was like what's going on here (in that waiter guy's voice that does the pepper skit)! Can you hear it? Anywho, back to my voice. Good stuff! Challenging. :)

Deborah said...

so glad to have you back in bloggerville! We missed you and your thought-creating, soul-searching, mind-focusing words! Thanks!

Jill said...

Okay so what would Mack say? HA, just kidding. I would love it if there did not have to be suffering. The creator will use whatever it takes to turn a heart towards towards him.right? Sometimes it is the image seen through the waterfall, or the new growth in the hole where something new has grown. Sometimes it is the idea of words expressing "fondess", or a voice screaming forgiveness. All I know is that He will and we can. Thanks for sharing your views and heart. again.

Ang baylis said...

What a great post, Lori! My only hope is that we have a Christian in the leadership position. Thank you for stepping out for what you believe in. Some are afraid to say anything that may not be politically correct, but I just knew you'd say what you believe. Thanks! ALSO... thank you for reminding me to think about others and take the focus off myself during this season of my life. I needed to hear this good word today. You bless me so much more than you would ever know! Have a good weekend!
Angie xoxo

p.s. I loved our quick chat yesterday! It brought a smile to my face knowing that I know you as a real friend, not just an internet imaginary friend!

Nana Net said...

Hello Lori,
I found your posts through my nieces's Jeanne's. Like I told her you truly are "GIFTED!" All of your posts have made me personally stop and reflect upon my own life. And for that I think you!
I look forward to more of your writings here. Take care and I look forward to the day when we meet in person.

P.S. Thanks for the compliment on my blog. And I too love flip-flops and Sweet Tea! But must admit I have at one time tasted way-too sweet Ice Tea. LOL It was made by a nephew of mine when he first was learning how to make it! :0)

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

That's great! I never really thought about it like that...God IS still in charge no matter who wins the election!

Denise said...

I know what you mean about helping people. So many of us think, well...someone else will help them. But everyone else is thinking the same thing. So, who's going to be the one to step up?

Dawnie said...

I havent said much about this upcoming election. This may be the first election I've been this quiet. I am a Christian, I used to be a Republican. In my mind, Christians were always Republicans. I dont beleive that anymore, I have come to believe for most who run for office, are the furthest thing from it. My decision this year will be the same as the last election, I wont be voting. I dont care for either party anymore. I firmly believe many today use the word Christian as a tool to get what they want and the response they want. God IS in charge and always will be, BUT since we are given choice and free will here on earth, we end up suffering because of that. It scary to me just because someone calls themself a Christian that we should put them in office. As a believer in Christ, I have changed my views on this, I believe we need to look at the entire picture and example of ones life and vote upon that. Not just the sentence--I'm a Christian so vote for me...there are way to many that have said that--and are the farthest from it. Sorry for so long, but for some reason I felt compelled to finally talk about the election.