judge this

I think I am a person who is as far from perfect as you can get, without being a criminal. But for whatever reason people still see me as a "good girl" . I know Gods grace is bigger than I can wrap my mind around, his grace not only covers the stuff between he and I, but also the stuff between me and my peeps. I never try to come off as better than anyone, i really do try to just be real. Lately something has been driving me crazy. Every time at my work, that someone cusses in front of my they apologize. It does not bother me that they cuss or that they apologize, but it bothers me that they feel the need to apologize TO ME.
I tend to think that they do it because they feel judged. Unfortunately the church has done a good job at making others feel that way. Portraying Christians as the world Judges. Whats the point of being there for someone if they do not feel like they can come to us as they are. I even heard one girl say when I clean up I may go to church with you. First of all I do not invite anyone to church, I think if that is going to be something they need in their life that door will open for them. (in fact I only go to church once in a while) I would rather hang out with them or help them with something they need. I wish we could start the image of Christianity over......You dont go to the hospital when you are well, or out to eat when you are full and you should not go to church only when your "cleaned up"
Jesus was a man who got out and got dirty and found the ones that everyone else cast aside. He loved and his only agenda was for them to be loved. For the lost to find hope, for the sick to be healed, for the broken hearted to find peace. He did not say clean up then come to me, or quit your cussing then come to me, he just said come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. I hope when we are praying for our lost loved ones and friends we will just pray that they let themselves, as messed up as they may be, they'll just be loved. You don't have to fit into anyones idea of what a christian should be. Being in church three times a week does not make you better than the man who has not been to a church in thirty years.
And just so you know I am not anti church but I am anti-four walls defining Christianity. The lost do not need another building and another doctrine, or another board of deacons, the lost need to know that they are loved, that they are wanted. That Jesus does not want a better you, he just wants you. Anywhoo....that's whats on my mind today


Jill said...

Glad to have you back. That is the voice I have not heard for some time, mostly because I have been busy. Funny how I miss things only when I have not had them for a while. Thanks for the shot of God. Love you.

Christy said...

Girl you write so well!!! I always love reading your posts because I know it will be great!
I agree with you totally, but on the other hand I have been one who thought I need to be better before I go to church, because of being judged by those who go there and I too dont beleive that you have to go every Sunday to be a Christian.
BTW I read The Shack over the weekend...it was very eye opening and definatly made me rethink alot of things in my life. Thanks for the recommendation...Im passing it on to my friends and family!

beyond this moment said...

Great thoughts Lori! We've been talking a lot about this in our Sunday School class. It is amazing how quickly we forget that we'd be in the same place if God's grace hadn't saved us.

Denise said...

I know what you mean when people feel like they have to apologize for their words or actions in your presence. You're doing good at simply loving people where they are. At the same time, it's good that they see you are different and will want what you've got.

Deborah said...

Great post...I think I struggle more with feeling judged by God which is way SILLIER than feeling judged by other people!

Jeanne said...

You've done it again Lori Ann Behr or should I call you Annie? :) Judge not unless you want to be judged, right-o? Love love love!

Ang baylis said...

You are SO on target with this one! I don't know what else to say... you are SO right! I can totally relate! I don't want to judge... just LOVE God's people! I am praying for the lost! That's why I love our church. It seeks to find the lost! I was one not too long ago! Thanks for being SO real!
I love you!
Angie xoxo