I will/he will not

This past weekend was full of so much fun and so many emotions. The word Beth Moore had for us was at times overwhelming. He is my portion and I am his. I think it was extremly eye opening to just how much God almighty loves us. Each of us, the same love. After hearing that message on saturday I was at the mall in San Antonio and was fixing to sit down to eat in the food court, and it was packed. I just took a quick glance at all those people and thought, wow God loves and longs for each and every one of them, each of them has an inhertiance if they will take it.
It's been passed around a lot lately how the world is turned off of church often because of how they are treated or judged at church. Even in our awesome time this weekend there was at least one person who felt let down, felt left out. And I think it is okay and sometimes helpful to feel that. Don't get me wrong we have to be sure to do our part to be there for people and to reach out when a need is presented. But to that person who feels let down, God can speak volumes to that place. He is the one who will not let you down. He is the one who longs for you, and who delights in your searching for him. He see YOU in a room of 10,000 people, in a world of millions, he sees YOU. He wants you, and only he can fill that place in you, that desperate place for love and acceptance. Man will not fill it, man will more than likely break it further. God loves you so much and if you will just learn who you are in God as Beth said you will no longer walk in a room with your head down. Because belonging to that love, what can
man do to you!


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Amen sister! I think we take the negative things that happen to us to God with an attitude of "why me?" somtimes. We should be thanking and praising him for the uncomfortable times...the times when we are lonely or feel forgotten. Those are the times when we truly draw near to him to be taught and comforted.


Jennifer said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog, since I discovered it. I would like to know more about the siesta group...I just love Beth Moore thanks to Janet and those awesome bible studies!

Staceystace said...

Great evaluation, Lori. On Friday night I came into the arena and sat in the nosebleed section without meeting up with any siestas. I had an hour to sit there and wait (impatiently) for the service to begin. I told the Lord that I felt all alone in a sea of 10,000 women and hated being there - even before Beth opened her mouth He had already wrapped His arms around me and reminded me that He is my portion. I just smiled as she began to teach. =) His love NEVER fails!

Michelle V said...

Amen Siesta! Well said! I still have to remind myself that God thinks that way about me as an individual! Great post!


Rachel said...

Great post! I would love to share this with my students! This is exactly what they need to read. Hmmmm...how can I get them to read a blog when I can't get them to read anything else?

Fran said...

AMen!! I'm still unpacking the word from Mama Beth! So so very good.

I loved seeing your sweet face. Your heart is just as beautiful.

I love ya Lori.

beyond this moment said...

As unhappy as I was, I don't think I would have heard what I needed to hear without it. So yes, I am thankful to God for those "left out" times. I needed that God-and-me time without the distraction of all my beloved siestas.

Emmy said...

I loved what you said! I am so bummed we didn't get a chance to visit longer! I think I could talk to you for hours!

I love how you said...

Man will not fill it... man will more than likely break it further!

Amen siesta!


Lets do this thang!

Jeanne said...

Once again, you've hit a homerun girl!