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I used to think I wanted to be a missionary. Go to some unknown country and feed little kids and tell people all about Jesus. But why would I ever think I could do it there, and not do it here.
I got myself a big dose of humble pie today. There was a girl I went to school with that I ran into a few times, because our kids go to the same school. She was always a bit off, I knew from what it looked liked that she had a really bad addiction to something. So most of the time I avoided her. How bad of a missionary would I be, or a lot of us be. We want to take care of the normal and the clean, and the ones most like us. We/I want to stay in my box or my safe zone. We want the world to change, but we can not just watch it change we have to be a part of why it changed. Our churches can not be a place for only the saved and the clean, our compassion has to extend beyond our circle. If it is work and effort and a hassle for us to be there for people then Good, we're probably doing it right. I am reminded today of the place in the bible where we are told to pick up our cross and follow Jesus, and what that means to me. The walk Jesus took carrying his cross, it was so hard he could not do it alone. He was so tired from that walk he could barely stand at all. Pick up your cross is not a metaphor of comfort and easiness.
The girl I mentioned passed away. She was 29 and had a five year old son.
Dear God help us all to see those around us, really see them. Help us to allow God to love them through us, help us be willing. I pray when fear tries to win out it'll be silenced by love and compassion. Help me to do better on this mission field.


Jeanne said...

That just moves me! I do want to be taking care of "the least of these" right here in our mission field.

Michelle V said...


I found your blog on the Siesta blog. This post is so true and very convicting for me! I heard a Bible study leader once who talked about the passage in Matthew that says "go and make disciples of all nations", and he said that the literal translation is better translated "as you go". In other words where ever we go we should be making disciples and not just on the mission field in another country. It's something I need to work on doing better in my daily life!


Marilyn said...

Hi Lori,
I was doing just what you suggested Beth do when out of reading material....going to some of the Siesta's blogs....when I came across yours. You are RIGHT ON lady about Christians needing to get off their high horses and meet people where the ground is level.....at the foot of the cross! I have been in both pairs of shoes....the one with my nose in the air....and in more recent yeara as Jesus has worked in my heart, the one who tries to only see only vunerable people and not rank or position. Working as a volunteer in a crisis pregnancy center has been such a blessing and at the same time an eye-opener! I have been able to hopefully touch the lives of some of the "untouchables" of our society.
May God bless you as you continue to live for Him!

Marilyn in MS
(would love for you to visit my blog, too! )

Denise said...

You're absolutely right - there's hurting people all around us.

Marilyn said...

Hi again Lori,
I was wondering if you would give me permission to read your last 3 posts in my ladies Sunday school class? I am teaching just now on true friendships....using Jonathan and David as an example....and I think your posts would serve as true modern day examples of how we should and should not act to people to be able to show them Christ through us. You can email me your answer if you don't mind. My email address is on my blog profile.
Thanks so much!

Ang baylis said...

What a beautiful post! I think the whole world needs to read this one! So....true! There is work to be done starting in our families and in our communities. I want to be "comfortable" in my cozy little spot with my "Christian" friends. Thank you for this reminder today!

I was interested in your blog title. I like it! I usually hate when people say, "whatever" because it means they are putting up a wall or checking out. Yours is a perfect name! I'll think of you and your awesome title from now on when I hear someone say it!

Have a great weekend!
In Him,
Angie xoxo