Second chance

I have been thinking a lot lately about second chances. Remember when we were kids and if we messed up we'd just ask for a do over. I know everything in my life, that maybe I would like a do over on, God has used to help me grow and help me learn, and sometimes even teach me to fall. So while I am thankful for his grace, I like to reflect on my do over list.
I wish as a young girl I would have known what great treasure friendship is. One true friend is more important than any clique could ever be. So for my do over I am going to teach my daughter what the word friendship means.
I wish I had never been timid about praying with my (ex) husband. So for my do over I am going to teach my son the power of a praying man.
I wish I had told some friends who are gone how much they meant to me. So for a do over I will tell my friends now I love you and you mean the world to me. My life is one of the richest because of the ones I call friend.
I wish I had not sinned so much toady. So for my do over I am going to wake up in Gods grace, receive his mercy, and try it all over again.


Ang baylis said...

I am thankful today for my do over because if I had not gotten this second chance I never would have met friends like you! If I was still married to my first husband I'm sure I wouldn't be sitting here reading your blog! Great post! Thanks for sharing your day with me!
Much love,
Angie xoxo

jennyhope said...

amen! This is so good! your heart is so precious!!

Michelle V said...

Great post! I am so thankful that ours is a God of second chances!


Emmy said...

I was so blessed reading what you had to say! Powerful! Thank you... I love your heart!

I also appreciate your continued prayers for Chas... that means the world to my family!
Your kids are precious!

Emmy : )