Don't jump

How long will we live on the ledge mentality with God.
I have lived a good part of my life on that ledge. Keeping everyone guessing if I am really going to stick with God. At least in my heart that is how I lived, maybe know one knew it, maybe everyone thought I had it all together. With each trial sent my way I felt this is going to be the one, this is that push I need to give up on God or a life serving God, rather a life needing God. It started so early I remember being a little girl feeling like whoever could bail me out of some things then I would run with that life. Then as the choice became more clear and more mine, I always wondered if a life without God would be easier, and on more than several occasions I tip toed into that side. I got enticed and I even sought on purpose, things that I knew that would not bring any glory to God. I got so close to the ledge I could begin to feel the wind from the fall.
Well After a childhood full of secrets, a teenager lost in chaos, the twenties searching for love, a woman who lost that love, a mom going it solo, I stand here today far from that ledge. I find myself sitting somewhere in the arms and safety of Gods love. I find my self more in Love with God then i ever thought possible. I find myself thankful for a life on the ledge so that I may fully understand a life that did not jump. I know when I could almost feel that wind I know it was God holding me in place when I had lost the will to fight. I can say with confidence I know I'm loved and I know God has a good plan for me, and nothing can separate me from the love of God, and I will choose nothing in my life will tare me from God
See Friends if satan can take us out to that place all of our focus is on ourselves, on our choices, and his best weapon is an ineffective child of God. If he can make you doubt Gods love for you and Gods call on your life, oh man he has done a great injustice to you. And you are being robbed of peace, of joy, of life.
Galatians 5:7 says: You were running a good race, who cut in on you and kept you from obeying the truth 8 that kind of persuasion does not come from the one who calls you.
Don't let the enemy cut in on your race!
Psalm 118
1 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;
his love endures forever.
2 Let Israel say:
"His love endures forever."
3 Let the house of Aaron say:
"His love endures forever."
4 Let those who fear the LORD say:
"His love endures forever."
5 In my anguish I cried to the LORD,
and he answered by setting me free.
6 The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid.
What can man do to me?
7 The LORD is with me; he is my helper.
I will look in triumph on my enemies.
8 It is better to take refuge in the LORD
than to trust in man.
9 It is better to take refuge in the LORD
than to trust in princes.
10 All the nations surrounded me,
but in the name of the LORD I cut them off.
11 They surrounded me on every side,
but in the name of the LORD I cut them off.
12 They swarmed around me like bees,
but they died out as quickly as burning thorns;
in the name of the LORD I cut them off.
13 I was pushed back and about to fall,
but the LORD helped me.
14 The LORD is my strength and my song;
he has become my salvation.
The ledge is no longer a place of choice it is now simply a place of reflection


JnL4God said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now I really like it and even have a link to it on my blog. I was once a single mom of one and now she is grown and has two babies of her own. I wish I had known God better like you do at that stage in my life but I'm very thankful that I do now. Sounds like you're doing a great job with your kids. Keep up the great walk with God.

Ang baylis said...

I love this post, Lori! It reminds me of my life. My current marriage is holding together ONLY because of God. I know a lot of people are wondering if I am going to stick with God for the long run or go back to my old ways ...(of wantiing to leave my husband again). I'm so glad you are sticking with Him permanently! His love endures FOREVER and I'm so glad to be doing life with you!
Love you, sister!
Angie xoxo

Denise said...

I'm glad you never jumped from that ledge and gave up on God. He is using you to minister to so many people. What an awesome calling!

Jeanne said...

We both know God's got his hand on you Lori Ann! You are at a place I have never seen you before. I'm confident that you're going to continue walking this walk and allowing God to do through you what He's planned on doing all along! :)

Jill said...

keep running the race girl. I loved our time together today. Your daughter is lovely. You are Lo-Lo. I must say, you ARE! I felt your love. Thanks for giving me some of you. Your kids will KNOW the wind from the ledge; worth it.

Fran said...

"Don't let the enemy cut into our race!!"

Simple, powerful, true, yet hard.

Thanks for a mighty word Lori!

Tabby said...

Hey Lori,
Nice to hear from you today!
Can't wait to hug your neck!


Marilyn said...

It's a breath of fresh air and REALITY every time I read your blog! This one looks like one that I need to share with my class! :0)

God bless you!
Marilyn in Mississippi

Emmy said...

That is beautiful Lori! : ) I love your heart... so real! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to meet you face to face! Not much longer! YEAH!

God Bless- Emmy : )

Jackie Sue said...

Lori, Love your post. Seriously. Like you, the ledge is a place of reflection for me, but once I tetered there long and hard. Deep thoughts from such a young thing :)! Your kids are just precious, too. Looking forward to seeing you in SA! Not long now...