show us your Glory

I just got back from an awesome time with God. I went to a revival going on in my area. It's been going since like March i think. Some have decided it's their calling to tell others it's not God, or true or whatever. The main guy has a past that would shock the socks off anyone. It's funny that anyone would judge a man for his past, so much of our life lessons come from Paul in the bible, HELLO the guy used to kill Christians. Or have ya read what David did? God does not look for perfect people. And I just tell people if they are seeking a man, they will get the man, seek God and you'll get God. Actually the reason I finally decided to go was because this amazing worship leader, Heather Clark, was going to be there. (that's who you should hear playing) I was just hungry to soak in Gods presence through some great worship music. It was beyond my expectations, the presence of God was heavy and full. It was overwhelming that so many people showed up to seek God, people of every race, and different countries, different classes, different religious ideas, different needs, different stages of life, but everyone had a bite of the same freedom.
I saw little kids with their hands raised praising God, it was beautiful. God used Heather to love us, and to bless us as we sang to him.
It was actually kind of disappointing when the music stopped. The message was good, but sometimes I fear that we really think we (man) have to be involved and in control for things to transition correctly. At one point it was said that God needs us to take it to the nations, it just kind of bumped me the wrong way. God does not "need" us. We know from the old testament he can use a donkey if he wants to. We know from Paul, he can send an angel, To moses he can use a bush. We should never become so sure of ourselves to say God "needs" us, no friend he wants us, we've been invited, we get to be blessed enough to share a great and mighty gift. Our lives are better because we let God use us where ever he will. God wants you!!!! God chose you!!!


The Cannon Chronicles said...

It sounds like worship was great. I am glad you got the chance to go.

Jeanne said...

AMEN! There is such beauty in all those people coming together to bless God! Loved it!

Ang baylis said...

I'm so glad you had such a good time. You know I love the worship! It is strange to think about the fact that God doesn't "need" us. I love how He is such a gentleman. I'm so glad you and I both accepted His invitation!! How blessed we are! Have a great Saturday! Thank you for sending me a new song I have never heard! You are SO SO SO thoughtful, Lori!
Love you,
Angie xoxo

Jill Porvaznik said...

yeah, I have been to the tent, and I must say it took me right back to my time in Paraguay. Worshipping God in a group of people so diverse and there for one be with the family of God worshipping our Lord and Savior. When I was there (in PY), many times I would just bask in the aroma of the sweet spirit, and that is what I closed my eyes and did in the tent. I wonder if He sets those times aside for us as a good Dad, reminding us, He knows better for us.

StaceyStace said...

This sounds wonderful, Lori! I'm so glad you got to endoy it. I long for that here, too.