Happy Birthday ETHAN

What a day!!! My baby boy turned nine today. We had a day full of fun, friends and awesome laser tag.

Where in the world did nine years go. So today's blog is all about Ethan.

I remember one of the first moments I realized what an amazing character Ethan has. We were at a park, I think he was five and a large group of kids joined forces and were all playing together, Ethan fit right in and joined the fun. Then he split from the frenzy of kids because he saw one little boy sitting alone, He came to me and asked "mom can I just play with him, so he wont be alone". And He has been that type of kid ever since. He has no problem putting others before himself. He takes it on himself to make sure everyone stays happy. His compassion is way beyond that of a nine year old. I love that little man.

Since Ethan is my first baby he was the one to hit places in my heart that were undiscovered until he was born. Since I am adopted, Ethan was my first blood relative, it was amazing to have that for the first time. He softened me, and shaped me, I am a better person because he is my son.
When Ethan was one I took him with me on a church retreat, and I remember singing a third day song, It was about God Sending Jesus to die for us. I looked at my son, and in that moment I was humbled and brought to my knees with the reality of Gods gift to us.
I Love you Ethan!!!!!


Jill Porvaznik said...

How great is a mother's love for her son...I am always awed at Mary's task in raising Jesus. Ethan's fine qualities remind me of Steve. So if that is a measuring rod...he will be a fine man. HBDAY.

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday to Eee-Eee in Jake's language! That boy is truly a special special gift!

Denise said...

I hope this was his happiest birthday yet. I heard he had lots of fun playing laser tag - but that you had even more fun! :) Happy Birthday Ethan!!

Ang baylis said...

What a handsome young man! You are such a great mom to do such a nice post about Ethan! I hope his birthday was one to remember!
Much love, friend!!!
Angie xoxo

The Cannon Chronicles said...

Okay I'm crying! It is such an awesome task to raise boys. I am so glad you have Ethan as your first blood relative what a sweet boy! It seems at Christmas time I often times think of Mary and Jesus and their relationship. I am always reminded of that special relationship between a mother and her son! We are truly blessed to have the boys we have!

Deborah said...

I hope Ethan had a great birthday! Jordan and Ethan had so much fun at Family Fun Center and at my house!!!

Tabby said...

Hey Lori, I love it. There is nothing like dedicating a blog to your son. I have a 10 yr old boy and I know how you feel. The yrs just fly. Keep up the great work! I know it's hard, my sister was a single mom for so many yrs. and she worked overtime. I'm sure you do too!

For your Maker is your husband! (Isa. 54:5)

Go MOM! & Happy b-day Ethan!

Fran said...

Happy Birthday Ethan! May God be the "one" constant in your heart and mind...always.

Hope y'all had an awesome day!

Hugs to a sweet momma!
Your fellow siesta,

The Ballinger's said...

Boy they grow up too fast don't they....I ran across your blog from someone elses....ha. I am not even sure where I started anymore. Just had to comment, my Ethan will turning 14! In September! (sniff)